Creating a“culture of sport fishing” and fostering a healthy future

Recreational fishing offers diverse attractions including engagement with nature,
passion for tools, interactions with family members and enthusiasts.
The Japan Fishing Show is one of the largest shows in Japan that transmit the “culture of sport fishing” founded on the diversity of nature in Japan and state-of-the-art technology from the world to domestic and international enthusiasts.
We are committed to continuing our efforts in fostering a healthy and harmonious society and developing the sport fishing inducstry while enhancing creation of the “culture of sport fishing” and nurturing a healthy mind and body.

Vendors and relevant parties in the sport fishing industry cooperate with and motivate each other in delivering the latest fishing tools to provide opportunities to connect enthusiasts with tools and events.
These are wonderful opportunities for guests to feel the lively attractions of sport fishing and industry’s biggest business opportunities for exhibitors.

While continuing to make sport fishing a national recreational sport in collaboration with the recreational fishing industry for future,
we hope that the sport fishing will help contribute to an affluent lifestyle and wellness in all of us.
We cordially welcome your positive support and participation in the show.



Japan Fishing Show 2018
Friday, January 19 – Sunday, January 21, 2018
Organized by
Japan Fishing Tackle Manufactures Association
Sponsored by
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Kanagawa prefectural Government
City of Yokohama
Japan Sportfishing Foundation
National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Conference
Cooperated by
Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau
PACIFICO Yokohama Exhibition Hall (1-1-1 Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa)
Hall area
Approx. 20,000 sq.m.
Exhibition size
172 exhibitors/organizations occupying 706 booths (Previous year's result)
38,635 persons (Previous year's result)
1,300 yen at door/ 1,100 yen advance
*High school students and younger children, persons presenting physical disability certificates and their caretakers (one per each person with disability) are entitled to free admission.
Return of fishing fads! We look forward for your participation at  further evolved Japan Fishing Show 2018

Types of Exhibit

  • Size: One unit is 3m(Width)×3m(Depth)=9m2
  • Booth Decoration: We can recommend contractor company for your booth decoration.
Types of Exhibit
Types of Exhibit
*Exclude: Fascia, Light Box, Outlet, Needle punch Carpet. (Those are extra charge)
*Fascia board, lighting, power outlet, and carpet are NOT INCLUDED in the exhibition fee.

New booth size available

We offer new booth size of 2m x 1.5m with price of 86,400 yen (tax included).

Distributed exhibit booth

One exhibitor can put up multiple display booths at different locations.
Exhibitor who wish to run two or more booths may distribute in multiple areas to exhibit their products within the maximum total of 80 booths.

Combined exhibit booth

Multiple exhibitors can get together to exhibit in one place.
Combined exhibit helps exhibitors to set up shared event space or to present collaborative works.

Zoning by fishing categories

We arrange the zoning so that exhibitors with same fishing types or categories could get together to call visitor's attention.

Japan Fishing Show 2018 Official Merchandise Store Area

Merchandise created exclusively for the Japan Fishing Show will be sold during the show only in this area. Any exhibitor can apply for up to three booths for this purpose with 50,000 yen charge for each booth.
Merchandise are restricted to the items created exclusively for Japan Fishing Show 2018.

Sale of promotional items in exhibitor booths

Promotional items (such as T shirts, caps and stickers) except exhibitor's own products are permitted to be sold in exhibitor booths by submitting appropriate application form before Friday November 17.

Please contact us for more details regards of above options.

Exhibition Fee (Tax included)

Exhibition Fee (Tax included)
Exhibition Fee (Tax included)
*ASA: Members of American Sportfishing Association
 EFTTA: Members of European Fishing Tackle Trade Association

Exhibition Regulations

Application to Exhibit - Payment of Exhibition Fee

Thu., July 6
Exhibitor Briefing

A briefing of the Japan Fishing Show 2018 will be held to entities and organizations considering participation in the exhibition.
Please also join an informal meeting to exchange views and ideas planned after the briefing.

●Venue: Japan Fishing Hall, Floor 8 meeting room
●Time: 13:00 - 14:30

Thu., August 31
Application/Deposit Deadline

【Exhibition fee payment method】

  • Fill out the application form and send it to the organizer.
  • The maximum number of booths one exhibitor may apply for is 80, in principle.
    However, please note that we may not be able to meet your requests, depending on the number of applications we receive.

Please send your application form either by mail, FAX or email.

By mail / fax By email
2-2-28 Hacchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0032
FAX: +81-3-5542-2929
Please download the application form:
And send it to: office@fishingshow.jp
By mail / fax JAFTMA
2-2-28 Hacchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0032
FAX: +81-3-5542-2929
By email Please download the application form:
And send it to: office@fishingshow.jp

【Method of Payment】
* Please check the bank account to transfer your money described in the Exhibit Application From.

  • Please pay a deposit worth a half of the booth fee when making application. Upon confirming receipt of the deposit, your application will be temporarily accepted.
  • If no advance payment is confirmed by the due date, a bill will be issued as of the end of the month of receipt of application.
    Please remit the payment accordingly.
  • Please note that exhibitors screening will be conducted by the secretariat upon confirmation of the deposit payment.
  • Please pay the bank transfer fee at your cost.

●Due date for the rest of the booth fee: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

  • In case the balance of the exhibition fee fails to be paid by the deadline, the application will be rescinded. If your exhibit is rescinded after making application, no deposit or balance will be returned.

Exhibitor Briefing - Event Opening

Sending Basic Layout
Exhibitor Briefing

Basic layout drawings of the hall will be sent to your contact along with the event guide.

Fri., October 6
Exhibitor Briefing / Booth Assignment by Lottery / Individual Consulting

Exhibit guidebook, various application forms, exhibitor list, booth floor plan etc will be distributed. In addition, a booth assignment lottery meeting will be held to decide the booth location based on the basic layout sent in advance.
*The attendance of your contact is imperative.

●Venue: AT Business Center
 (Tokyo Station Yaesu Dori 1-9-8 Hacchobori, Chuoku, Tokyo 104-0032 TEL: 03-6869-9876)
●Time: 13:00 - 16:00
Wed., October 18
Sending of Final Booth Location Map / Notification of Booth Fee Balance / Start of Various Application Form Acceptance

【Sending of Final Booth Location Map】
The final booth location map and booth ID’s decided by lottery will be notified.
Along with guidance of the booth fee balance, a bill will also be sent.

【Notification of booth fee balance】
Upon confirmation of the balance payment, the exhibit application process will be completed.

【Start of various application form acceptance】
Please strictly meet the deadline which is defined on each application form. We may not be able to serve your request if relevant application forms are not submitted or submitted after the deadline. Please make sure to send all the forms to correct destination.

Tue., October 31
Deadline for Booth Fee Balance Payment / Deadline for the 1st round of service applications

A bill for booth fee balance payment will be sent as of the end of September. Please make the payment by bank transfer.
If your payment fails to be confirmed by the deadline, your application for exhibit will be rescinded.

Fri., November 17
Deadline for the 2nd round of service applications

This is the final deadline for all applications related to the exhibition. Please note that there are some services where the deadline is set on an earlier date. Please make sure all applications are submitted to correct destinations.

Around mid December
Sending of Exhibitor ID card

Exhibitor ID cards, Carry-in/out card, parking card, worker badges etc will be sent to your contact.
*Please pick it up at Japan Fishing Show Secretariat in PACIFICO Yokohama Exhibition Hall on the carrying-in day.

Exhibition Agreement

Eligibility to exhibit

  1. Regular membership of the Japan Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association (JFTMA)
  2. Supporting membership of Japan Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association (JFTMA)
  3. Those approved by Japan Fishing Tackles Manufacturers Association (hereinafter, “Organizer”)
    (E.g.) Exhibitors from abroad, outdoor leisure goods manufacturers, publishers, etc.

Scope of exhibits

  1. Fishing tackles, fishing related goods, and outdoor leisure goods related to fishing
  2. Fishing related publications
  3. Publicity/advertisement materials of fishing spots/facilities, fishing vessel businesses, fishermen’s unions, transportations, etc,
  4. Anything other than above approved by the organizer

Prohibited items

  1. Products with deceptive labeling and non-compliant products
  2. Any exhibit that infringes on third-party intellectual property or property rights (such as replicas)
  3. Any material that may damage the natural environment including water contamination
  4. Any device that may encourage overfishing (cast nets, gill nets, etc)
  5. Any device that may endanger the lives of users (underwater guns,harpoons, etc)
  6. Anything that may encourage unsafe acts
  7. Any inflammables, explosives or those which give out strong odors or loud sounds
    * The organizer may request withdrawal of any exhibits determined to be unfit for the purpose of this event.
  8. Those that may cause accidents

Prohibition of sales of exhibits

All kinds of sales of exhibits to consumers including subscription sales are prohibited in the exhibit hall, except for product catalogs and those approved by the organizer in advance. Sales other than books and exhibit by distributors and retailers for PR activities are prohibited. Charity activities within your booth are prohibited.

Restriction on display

With respect to decoration and display of exhibits within your booths, the use of any inflammables, explosives or those emit strong odors or loud sound is prohibited.

Handling of water tanks

Any exhibitor installing any tank of 300c capacity or larger within its booth is required to submit a specification document demonstrating the strength of the tank to the Japan Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association.

Application to exhibit

Upon filling out the Exhibitor Request Form, please send it to the Japan Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association (JFTMA) by Thursday, 31 August, 2017. Please also transfer a deposit equivalent to 50% of the booth fee. Application will take effect as soon as the payment is made. If an application is determined to be inappropriate, it may be rejected by the organizer.

Expenses covered by exhibition fee

  • Exhibition hall rent within the standard hours, and other incidental expenses such as lighting and air conditioning
  • Foundation work of booths such as standing panels
  • Construction and maintenance of shared facilities
  • Public relations and advertising activities of the Exhibition
  • Services to the visitors such as information guide
  • Operation of the administration office, safety precaution measures and security system
  • Premiums of insurance to protect against bodily injury or property damage during preparation, use and removal at the exhibition hall except for individual exhibition space.

Fees not covered by exhibition fee

  • Decoration of exhibitor booths and carrying-in/out of exhibits to and from the site
  • Installation of electricity and electric charges
  • Installation of temporary communication systems such as telephone and their charges
  • Hall rent for hours outside of standard hours
  • Installation of water supply/drainage and water charges
  • Insurance for exhibits and against personal injury at the site, etc
  • Compensation in case of damage or loss of hall facilities, equipment or exhibits of other parties
  • Disposal of garbage or any abandoned materials used for the exhibition
  • Other items that are not usually regarded as covered by the exhibition fee

Decision on booth assignment

Booths will be assigned at the meeting for deciding booth location by lottery drawing upon due consideration given to the types of exhibits by the organizer.
Immediately after decisions are made, your booth location will be communicated along with the fee balance due.

Cancelation after acceptance of application

We are afraid that exhibition fee cannot be returned if your exhibit is cancelled after its acceptance.

No sublease, sale/purchase, transfer or trade of exhibition space

Exhibitors or applicants may not sublease, sell, purchase, transfer or trade the whole or part of any reserved exhibition space. No entities other than exhibitors may use or exhibit in the exhibition space without prior consent of the organizer.

Operation of the event and indemnification

In order to run the event smoothly, the organizer may add new provisions or modifications to the “Exhibition Agreement”. In case of violation of “Exhibition Agreement” by any exhibitor, the organizer may rescind the exhibition of such exhibitor. In such a case, the exhibition space will be at the disposal of the organizer and no paid-inexhibition fee will be refunded. The organizer will hire a security company to provide safety of the hall over the whole period from preparation through dismantling, however, it is not held liable for any damages, losses or theft of exhibits.


Exhibitors will be held liable for all damages it or its agent has caused to any third party booth, facilities managed by the organizer or belonging to the hall, to any persons.


All exhibitors are strongly advised to buy necessary general/accident insurance to cover the period from carrying-in of exhibits to the hall to their complete removal from the hall.


During the event, no exhibit can be carried in/out, dismantled or moved without permission of the organizer. Exhibitors are requested to be responsible for maintenance and cleaning of their exhibits and exhibition booths. The details on the period for carrying-in and setting up of exhibits at the hall will be communicated on a later date.

Acceptance of Exhibition Regulations

All exhibitors and their agents are deemed to have read and accepted the Exhibition Regulations.
Any matters which may not be resolved among the organizer, exhibitors, visitors and other parties concerned will be brought to a court of competent jurisdiction for resolution.

Organized by:JAFTMA 
Japan Fishing Tackle Manufactures Association
Sponsored by:Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Kanagawa prefectural Government / City of Yokohama /
Japan Sportfishing Foundation / National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Conference
Cooperated by::Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau

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